A Donkey Story about DAAU

Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung are an Antwerp based band as formed in 1992 by Roel Van Camp (accordeon), Han Stubbe (clarinet), Simon Lenski (cello) and Buni Lenski (violin).
They were part of the vivid Apetown scene of the mid-nineties, which was centered around bands like dEUS, Moondog Jr., Kiss My Jazz, ..., bringing the classically trained foursome to the attention of a larger rock-oriented audience.
Attempts have been made to compare their music to the minimalism of Wim Mertens, the avantgarde of the Penguin Café Orchestra or the absurdity of Zappa when, in fact, emphasis should be placed on the emotional bravoure of these High-voltage virtuosos.

The youthful nonconformity of their selftitled debut album has aptly been countered with inspired journeys in such diverse musical directions as Dub, Reggae, Trance,...
By the time they released their 2nd and 3rd album , they shortened the Band's name to DAAU, eventually re-inventing themselves as a power-driven sextet, after Adrian Lenski (piano) and Janek Kowalski (drums) joined the group. DAAU anno 2004, finds itself to be a quartet again, releasing their 4th album "Tub Gurnard Goodness" to much critical acclaim.
DAAU's legacy is evident, not only through the quality of their music, but also through the active support they provide for new talent. They have inspired many musicians and continue to do so, apparent through their work as producers, engineers in the Antwerp Scene.