Donkey Quotes on DAAU:

"It is safe to say that, if it weren't for DAAU, Donkey Diesel would have been long gone by now. They are as much part of the Donkey Conspiracy as the Donkeys themselves... "
"What was originally set out to be a 2-day recording session of a 3 song-demo, turned into an 18 month Journey of recording, re-recording, mixing, over-dubbing, remixing, overdubbing and re-remixing 14 songs until the music finally fell in place. They've lended us their equipment, their houses, their knowledge, their efforts, their contacts, their patience, their ears, as well as their enthousiasm... In return, we turned Buni into a Donkey."

"Simon, being the one who actually recorded us, was the first to work with the band. Never pushy, always easygoing, with the music at the center of all his activities. He didn't make the mistake of intervening with the Donkey process by brute force! Thus, creating an atmosphere in which his opinion truly mattered."
"Han spent many lonely nights behind the mixing desk.Poor guy! All for the sake of the songs."
"Simon plays cello on one track (i.e. "I Broke Every Heart I ever Stole") and I remember long conversations between Gunter and Kike about ONE note Simon had played on it. We would always be searching for that one note in each song...The Note That Couldn't Be Missed."
"Han's stubborness is surpassed only by his modesty.A Beautiful character."
"Also, for Han to be playing on Midnight Jailfest was a real treat. The only clue we gave him was to make it sound as "Benny Goodman & The Temple Of Doom" and out come these beautiful lines, as if we'd all been blasted into the big band era. I remember it being as much of a shock for him as it was for us!"
"Their talent to stay calm no matter what Donkey madness they found themselves surrounded by, was an eye opener to us all."