A Man Thought He Was An Elephant, He’d Be Learning To Fly
He Started Stretching His Wings, Just To give It A Try
‘n’ All The Birds Would Sing In Support Of A Guy
Who Tought He Was An Elephant Learning To Fly

He’d Be Learning Fast For An Elephant, He’d Be Getting Somewhere
‘n’ All The Birds Would Agree This Man Had Talent To Spare
Up to A Certain Degree, One Could Even Declare
It Takes A Man To be The First Elephant To Conquer The Air!

Solo Clarinet

Then Came The Rainy Season Down Zoo City South
‘n’ To The Heavens Above, The Hunter Made Himself A Vow
To Track Down The Elephant…To Put His Feet On The Ground
Crashing In On A Dream From The Top On Down

Who Is He To Think An Elephant Isn’t Much Of A Man?
Just Like Learning To Fly Isn’t Much Of A Plan?
For These Thoughts To Be Forsaken ‘n’ Forever Banned?
For Their Rights To Be Taken By Pop’lar Demand?

Solo Guitar/Violin

He Would Have Made A nice Elephant, Not Just Your Average Guy
But Now He’s Coming Of Age Without Putting Up Much Of A Fight
This Man’s Reduced To Tears When He Looks Up To The Sky
Everytime An Elephant Comes Flyin’ By

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