On The First Night You See Matonge, You’ll be 15 Minutes Late
To Step Up With The Program ‘n’ the Back Street Parades
You’ll Try To Keep A Low Profile, Albeit Hard To maintain
Although It Won’t Do You Justice, ‘t Will Be Well Worth The Wait
You’ll Be Spoiling Our View, Trying To Hit The Perfect Spot
‘n’ When You Throw In Your Line, You’ll Be The First One To Get Caught
Of Course, Words Won’t Come Easy, For Such A Rational Little Thought
When On The First Night You See Matonge
We Might As Well Call It Luck

On The Second Night You See Matonge, You’ll be 50 Cents Short
Of Trusting On The Same Looks As The Night Before
You’ll Wear Your Cheap Little Smile Like Some Kinda Wellfare Cologne
Although It Won’t Do You Justice, Being That Far From Home
You’ll Have High Hopes In Low Places, However Sobering The Sight
You’ll Be Gradually Mistaken For The High Rollin’ Kind
Of Course You Can’t Play For Keeps In This World Of Goodbyes
But After 2 Nights In Matonge,
You Can’t Say We didn’t Try

After 3 Nights in Matonge, You’ll Have 2 Options Left
One Change To Get Even ‘n’ One Change To Get Blessed
We Might Still Have Our Doubts, but No Dilemma’s Just Yet
Cause We Care To Remember, However Save To Forget
Were You Late on Arrival or Broke From The Start?
Did We Strike You As Odd? Did We Push You To Hard?
Of Course, Heaven Won’t Come Close To What’s Promising By Far,
But You Can Count On Matonge…
To Send Its Regards!

3 Nights In Matonge
2 Faced Lullaby
1Way To Spend You Monday
On All The Heartship That Money Can Buy…

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