If Ever A Man Could Fool The Sinner’s Brigade
‘t Was Josephat The Rattle Saint
Tied To A Cripple ‘n’ His Walkin’ Cain
Josephat The Rattle Saint
He Learned The Tricks Of The Trade From A Roadhouse Priest
At Community Gatherings For The Long Deceased
He Kept A Fistfull Of Verses In A Strapped Up Piece
Of Nylons

Droppin’ Hallelujahs To keep Track Of His Faith
Josephat The Rattle Saint
The Poor Man’s Gospel’s Renegade
Josephat The Rattle Saint
He Had A 1,000,000 Words To Describe Your Pain
Some Of Them Were Gonna Take Him Years To Explain
But He Would Always Find The Perfect Excuse To Pray
For Silence

Preachin’ On The Roof Of A Brimstone Chapel
How God Got Fooled By A Doggone Apple
Like A Do-Right-Daddy In Charge Of A Rebel Asylum
Callin’ All The Boys Below
Chewin’ On A Vickar’s Bone
You Can’t Get To Heaven if you Plan To Keep Your Seatbelt On

If A Tresspassin’ Spirit would Come Your Way
He’s Josephat The Rattle Saint
Payin’ With His VISA On Judgment Day
Josephat The Rattle Saint
He’s Got Too Many Reasons To Turn To The Lord
‘n’ None Of Them Is Ever Gonna Get Him Aboard
But He Is Not The Kinda Fellow To Ever Get A Reward For Tryin’

Callin’ All You Reckless Men
Bummin' Around Heaven Again
Who Are We To Say That Our Good Lord’s Gone Insane

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