Lately I’ve Been So Uptight
Passin’ Road Blocks ‘n’ Detour Signs
Well, It Must Mean Somethin’…I Can’t Be Half This Blind
Some Simple Clue Down An Open Road…
The Work Of Fools I Do Suppose
I Sure Did See Some Strange Folks Crack A Smile
‘n’ I Can Always Smell Trouble When It’s Risin’
It Helps Me With The Path That I Choose
There Are Times When You Wanna Keep Your Distance
There Are Times When You’re Looking For Abuse
A Road Less Travelled Makes Your Juices Flow
But Your Blood Thickens when You’re All Alone
Just Trying To Put Some Colour In These Blues

A Man This Broke Can’t Be All That Bad
Depending On The Good Times He Had
Remember that For The Headstone On Your grave
There’s A Lot To Gain From A Month Old Child
‘n’ It Sure Feels Good When The Sun Does Shine
But In This Mad Old World You Could Always Use Some Rain
‘n’ I Can Always Tell A Lie Before It Hits Me
I Can Tell From The Lines That They Use
From The Kindness Thrown At A Stranger
You’ll Wind Up With Your Head In A Noose
‘n’ I Might Come Clean Now Any Day
Collecting Thoughts Along The Way
Just Trying To Put Some Colour In These Blues

ThereAre Times When I Felt Way Behind
So Eager To Outsmart My Mind
Every Single Day Of The Week
But When You’re Raisin’ Cain In Such A Deadly Spin
The Clouds All Gather From Within
‘n’ You Run Out Of Ways To Get Some Decent Sleep
But I Could Always Ditch A Dame Before I Saw Her

Wipin’ All The Dust From My Shoes
They’re All Lookin’ For Their Little Piece Of Heaven
You Can Tell From The Rent That Is Due
‘n’ Your Past Might Get You From Behind
When You’re Destined To Keep On
Trying To Put Some Colour In These Blues

‘n’ If The bible’s Right, then I’ve Been Wrong
Just As I Suspected All Along
The Truth Sooths The Ever Doubrful Kind
But The Good Lord Might Find A Friend In me
Both Hidin’ From The Righteous On Their Huntin’ Spree
‘n’ Dyin’ For Some Peace… For Quite Some Time
‘n’ I can Always Spot A Home Real Easy
I Can Tell From The Buzzards On Its Roof
From The Light That Shines Through Its Window
Like A House That’s Got Something To Proof
Well, It’ll Soon Get Dark For A Man My Age
This Kid Told Me Just yesterday
I’m Gonna Try ‘n’ Put Some Colour In These Blues

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