With My 50 Cent Tuxedo ‘n’ Your High Class, So Divine
Drinkin’ Cappucinos That Should Fool Em For A While
Sparklin’ At People, Yawnin’ At Boutiques
‘Cause Tomorrow They’ll Be Right Back At The Wrong Side Of The Week

Sunday’s At The Bistro With Your Baby By Your Side
Her Smile Upon Your Shoulder Whispers Sugarcoated Sighs
The Only Thing That Strikes You In This Lazy State Of Mind
There’s Nothing ‘Bout A Monday That A Sunday Can’t Unwind

There’s Whiskey ‘n’ Hot Coco In This Coo Coo Lullaby
There’s Bon Bons For The Flavour At ‘Captain Cherry Pies’
‘t Makes Perfect Sense To Find Romance Uncommonly Worthwile
Sunday’s At The Bistro With Your Baby By Your Side

Skippin’ Time With That Senior Citizenship
So Badly Equipped For Clockwise Street
Tap Your Feet To Their Lack Of Response
It’s Nice To Feel Your Pulse Once You’ve Skipped A Beat

These Marshmellow Moments In Vanilla Paradise
Frivolous Vendettas Throwing Kisses By Surprise
Makin’ Plans For Years To Come ‘n’ Then Skip The Whole Darn Bunch
Just Me & You, In This Rendez-Vous For A Late Nite Donkey Punch


Getting Lost In The Softness Of Your Skin
Loose The Urge To Win…All Those Evil Hearted Bets
Let’s Play Lover’s Roulette ‘n’ Put This World On Hold
‘n’ We’ll Hang On To That Moment Till We Run Out Of Cigarettes

So Won’t You Care To Join Me In This Nice Suburban Toast
Of All My Little Habits, baby, It’s Yours I Like The Most
You’d Almost Think That Happiness Could Come In Family Size
Sunday’s At The Bistro With Your Baby Your Side

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