Photo !

According to some people, a picture means more than 1,000,000 words.
Unfortunately, all donkeys had their picture taken at various points along the way!
Donkey Diesel Plazey Festival 2007
Prima Donkey Feeërieën 2006 - set 2
Prima Donkey Feeërieën 2006 - set 1
Donkey Melange 2005
Boomtown 22/7/2005
Prima Donkey ABclub 04/03/05
Prima Donkey
The Music Village 02/12/2004
AB Club 29/9/2004
St-Andries 15/05/2004
Bar Napoleone 04/12/2003
Kaaiman 19/06/2003

>>> Pictures Donkey Diesel Plazey Festival
by Moniek Van Slycken

>>> Pictures Prima Donkey
set 1 by Moniek Van Slycken
set 2 by Tim Broddin & Johan Van Roy
>>> Pictures Donkey Melange
by Greg Batens & Tom De Wilde
>>> Pictures Boomtown by Alternative Teken
>>> Pictures Rivierenhof by Yana Volovich
>>> Pictures Bar Napoleone, St. Andries, Kaaiman
by Vanessa Boso
>>> Pictures Prima Donkey ABclub by Tim Broddin