Bout The Music !

Some music can do without an explanation, all it really needs is an excuse. One simple Va Avanti to joyfully enforce its amazing disgrace upon the nonsuspecting and basically get away with it laughing.
Results -mind you- may tend to vary!
Personally, I got no excuse. For, when presented by way of such outstanding musicians, you know that, deep inside, you've only got yourself to blame. Equally twisted in character and mindset, theirs is a genuine mismatch of demented expertise and heartfelt commitment, unlike anything I've ever encountered this side of the Rio Boludo. Intercontinentally adrift, they most definetely are! A Bunch Of Freaks at best! As it happens, my heart goes out to every single one of these crazy bastards!
Frivolously orchestrated from the hip and with sarcasm being the weapon of choice, the music itself slowly came into orbit after many moons of rough reasoning, gut-driven craftmanship and every variation of female trouble known to man. To our defence, both method and madness met with the approval of some well-respected members within this Kingdom's creative community,all of them full-tilt mutants in their own right. As for the exact reason why the great Emilius Fingertips ever cared to lay his Fierce Acoustics upon us, is any donkey's guess. A True Original-Apetown Style, if ever there was one!
Finally, just to clear my conscience, the words in the songs are to be consumed lightly, even though they might prove to be a mouthful. Having said that, I would advice any Schmuck referring to them as pure nonsense to reallocate his think tank somewhere below the waistline.
For a little Donkey Wisdom is best served with a drop of Baboon Karma...
This, any snake will tell you!