Donkey Quotes on Emilius Fingertips:

"We would see Mil feeling perfectly at ease at the "Bal Van den Burgemeester", rubbing shoulders with the famous politicians and musicians, all craving for a handshake and some small talk... just to join us afterwards at the Squatter's Extravaganza of Bar Napoleone,feeling equally comfortable and in control..."
"When we went to pick him up in the red light district for the recording session, he seemed strangely attracted to our vehicle. It soon became clear that it had been a while since Milleke had sat in the front seat of a car,especially of a CHRYSLER Town & Country... He didn't leave any button unpushed!"

"He will be complementing the Ladies à la Carte...64 Years of Age and true to the bone!"
"When he jumped on stage at the St. Andries Gig, totally out of the blue, it somewhat forced us to start improvising. Gustavo would start a song with Milleke just sitting there on stage, taking his time to catch the vibe, stroking his beard in trance, meanwhile contemplating what instrument to pick. By the time the song was halfway through he'd be groovin' along on the washboard, mouth harp or bongo, smiling from ear to ear. Made you wonder what it was like in the sixties..."
"For A Person Like Mil Fingertips to be supporting Donkey Diesel makes it all worthwhile!"